Monitoring Levels
With our sensors and gateways at or bring your own.
Yes! We also support using your own sensor and sending values to us for reporting and alerts.
Monitoring, alert, and present on our Monitoring Page.

Monitoring Service Pricing
Levels of Service Personal Basic Advanced Enterprise
Pricing Free
Contact Us.
SMS Messages 0 15 /day 30 /day Yes
Email Alerts 5 /day 100 /day 200 /day Yes
Data Retention 30 days 60 days 120 days Yes
Forum Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Limited Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support


SMS Alerts
SMS message count is based on destinations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Other countries are subject to additional fees.
Please contact us for possible additional charges to your country.

Email Alerts
Daily Email reports are not counted in the Email Alerts limit.

Data Retention
Technical Aspect    Data storage based on maximum of 1 data sample per minute per sensor, or 1440 samples / day / sensor.   

Organizations limited to max of 1 user for every sensor they purchase. We reserve the right to freeze or terminate Free accounts for any reason of suspected abuse.

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