Monitoring Service

Release 54 - Mar 25, 2024

  • Updated: Increased input windows size on Sensor Edit Upper and Lower limits.
  • Fixed: Issue causing Temperature reading in Celsius to show as % and not C.
  • Updated: Fixed Communications add On/Off line option to say device On/Off and not Report as title.
  • New: Calibration options for Sensors.
  • Added: Expanded Gateway diagnostic information under Information Tab.
  • Enhanced: Add "Are You Sure" on Sensor and Gateway Delete.
  • Added: Added host field option for external data on different server.
  • Enhanced: Admin add user list to limited to Active Users.
  • Updated: Clean format of PEP function translation to elno format.
  • Fixed: Changed link on Services to Direct Pay to Customer Billing, so payments are linked to account.
  • Fixed: Update process and initial values for probe types.

Release 53 - Feb 4, 2024

  • Changed Information and History event times to 12 hr format.
  • Updated scale on Humidity Sensors and adjust default scale values.
  • Fixed missing Switch readings from Wi-Fi Sensor.
  • Added: Sensor Attribute to Sensor Online Status, to reduce false Offline Status.
  • Added: NEW Window Icon for open/closed devices.
  • Added: Alternative settings for Normally Open vs Normally Closed sensors.
  • Enhanced: Improved the Sensor and Monitor page to be more Touch Friendly.
  • Enhanced: Allow Sensor Device ID to be Alpha-numeric.
  • Reformat internal Email Tracking Report to show more details.
  • Diagnostic to validate Online/Offline notification are working.

Release 52 - Nov 28, 2023

  • Added: Battery and Signal Strength values to Information tab
  • Fixed issue with door & window sensors going off and on in less than a minute not triggering alarms.
  • Updated Site Summary to response issue
  • Fixed issues with Environment variables missing
  • Fixed issue sending messages twice.
  • Fixed issue with new user registration not applying level settings
  • Fixed timezone on Monitor controller
  • Fixed sensor information link if not logged in Error message.
  • Add Search option for users
  • Add generate UUID for new sensors automatic
  • Removed references to M1 Gateway and other hard coded JemRF for white label option.

Release 51 - November 10, 2023

  • Added: Show RF Sensor Signal Strength (RSSI) from new version of IOT Gateways
  • Added: Show WiFi Signal Strength (RSSI) and Firmware Version to Gateway Information Tab
  • Enhanced: Email Alerts now have link to event details.
  • Updated documents About Us and Privacy Policy
  • Added: Send System Alert Message
    We have new module to send System Alert messages, such as "System Update Tomorrow" to all Alert Contacts.
  • Added Communications option to have Online and Offline Events to be sent different contact.
  • Enhanced the Sensor and Gateway Information tabs with more items.
  • Expand environment list emails for white labeling site
  • Update message log reports to show message in queue
  • Merged message to log server to common function for future near-realtime alerts
  • Limit Message Log history to 10 months
  • Correct bug in purging older process logs
  • Option to purge all offline sensors in an account
  • Add detect background process failed and report in process log
  • Notification to Support account subscription is about to expire.
  • Updates to remove Elno and JemRF hardcode with host name for white labeled support.

Release 50 - September 27, 2023

  • Improvement: Allow on Dashboard or Sensor page reorder sensors
  • Changed: Moved Account select to top of each section
  • Fixed issue with duplicate sensor between Accounts
  • Add UUID for each sensor
  • Add index on event_time to sensor log for performance
  • Update WiFi ds18B20 to capture full unique id, auto convert old to new format.

Release 49 - July 17, 2023

  • Changed label Monitor Sensor to Dashboard
  • Improvement: Billing interface and fully activated.
  • Migrated "Elno User guide" to Monitoring JemRF User Guide.
  • Migrated: Last of the Elno references to JemRF.
  • Reduced Sensor and Gateway page content to be more phone friendly.
  • Added Account Selection to Sensors and Gateways
  • Added Cancel to Edit Screens to cancel changes.
  • Developed API for data exchange
  • Add Support page to describe the different Event Message formats.
  • Add Filter to remove duplicate messages.
  • Added User Flag for admins to know user verified.
  • Updated receiver to capture WiFi Device FW Version.
  • Fixed issue with some bad WiFi data not being detected.
  • Add report of Subscriptions and Stripe linkage.
  • Fixed issue with IP missing first part for JemRF gateways
  • Add Account filters on SMS and EMAIL messages

Release 48 - Feb 14, 2023

  • Fixed: plots on Apple devices
  • Improvement: Monitor menu removed dropdown
  • Improvement: Move User and Account update to drop-down under User".
  • Improvement: Monitor Page sensor colors to primary and increase fonts".
  • Change: Removed limits on number of devices per account.
  • Change: Account User Created to User Joined date.
  • Subscription Billing now in place and working.
  • User Registration sends verification Email automatically.
  • Detect if notification is SMS but with Email address.
  • Add Cancel Button to all edit pages.
  • Purge Process logs after two months old.
  • Fix timeout bug in sensor log hourly compression.

Release 47 - Sept 20, 2022

  • Fixed: Issue with Device Id not same as RF device.
  • Simplified working on Service Plans.
  • Move to support all purchased devices.
  • Email Verification process in place.
  • Start conversion to JemRF Monitoring replacing Elno.
  • Resolved plots when same Sensor ID in multiple accounts.
  • User Organization Account create if user not invited to another account.

Release 46 - Aug 05, 2022

  • Fixed:
  • Improvement: Service Portal menu is now better formatted.
  • Improvement: Migrating away from "Organizations" to "Accounts".
  • Change: Removed "Professional" billing plan from the list of service plans.
  • Subscription Billing now in place.
  • Capture PEP WiFi sensor and Gateway IP and Version.
  • Allow device sensor_serial to be unique in Org not global.
  • Capture new Sensor ID and put in Sensor Display name.
  • Upgrade backend stack versions.

Release 45 - May 08, 2022

  • Fixed plot issue with Mac browsers.
  • Fixed Sensor Export.
  • Improvement: Sensor list wrapping for smaller screens.
  • Improvement: Removed the word "Temperature" from the sensor chart.
  • Add support for Jemrf RF Relay as Gateway.
  • Add command to Elno GW to translate F/C and instead of hard coded.
  • Fix Email and SMS check if deleted Organization, sql issue.

Release 44 - Feb 12, 2022

  • Fix issue with Tart Water Sensor fails to convert value to correct format.
  • Monitor WiFi Sensors to drop values that are out of what the sensor can do.
  • Monitor for expired Subscriptions and reset account back to Free.
  • Admin feature to remove a closed Organization and related components.
  • Admin feature to monitor and reset Subscription dates.

Release 43a - Jan 7, 2022

  • Sensor Count for Service Level Reached did not exclude sensor Attributes (battery level, signal strength). This was fixed.

Release 43 - Jan 3, 2022

  • Fixed issue if sensor or gateway was deleted and then new data is received; a new record was not being created and the sensor or gateway did not appear on customer account.
  • Fixed issue with PrivateEyePi receiver to make sensor IDs more unique.
  • Fixed issue to automatically disable new sensors above the service plan settings.
  • Added support for tracking Subscriptions.
  • Added support of full JemRF product line.
  • Added option for unique Organization ID.
  • Updates SMS Failed message to admin to identify issue of failure.

Release 42 - 9/6/2021

  • New and updated administrative management tools and reports.

Release 41 - 7/29/2021

  • Fixed Sensor limits slider bar to all decimal places.
  • Fixed display of temperatures for Celsius and Fahrenheit to match sensor values.
  • Finished setting Service Level limits display to user.
  • Implemented daily purge of hour and daily summary logs based on organization limits.
  • Add account emails sent and reset at midnight email count for the day to zero.