Data Exchange Features
The Monitoring uses a generic Json data exchange interface. The Json interface allows systems that have been online the ability token_get_all send back data based on the sensor event time For open generic real time data, Monitoring uses the PriateEyePi data exchange protocol. The PrivateEyePi data exchange is owned by and is used across the product line.
Monitoring Features
Monitoring is not limited to just monitoring temperatures, provides sensors for humidity, opening and closing doors on appliances, room doors, or building doors and windows just for starters.

Cloud Services Features
  • Tools in the cloud let you monitor sensors on a near real time screen with options to plot the temperatures for any one sensor over the last 12 hours or as far back as 30 days.
  • Real services provide continuous monitor of the sensors to be sure they meet your critical settings. It will send alerts via Email or SMS when a sensor exceeds its limits.
  • There is an optional daily status report to let you review the last 12 or 24 hours so you know it is working and meeting your compliance needs.
  • Data used to generate plots can be exported for off line analysis.