Frequently Ask Questions

This will be a growing list of common issues.

Can a user be in multiple Accounts?

Yes, a user can also be associated with multiple Accounts.

When does the Annual renewal start?

The annual renewal starts of the current paid subscription.

- To view your expiration date, look in your Account settings.

Is my Wifi Sensor or Gateway Working?

When powered up is the Red Power light ON? if No contact sales.

When powered up was there a blue flashing LED? if No contact sales.

If both lights were observed it should be working and you see the WiFi SSID listed on the back of the unit.

How can I use my token ?

To use your existing token, you log into On the right side next to your name click the down pointer and a drop-down menu will appear.

Select Edit Account, and a new Accounts screen will appear. Your Token with an edit button is on the top right of the first table.

Press the Edit button. Now you can paste your old token in the window, click Accept Token, and save. Now you can switch back to the Dashboard and you should see your sensors start to show up.