About Us.
is our set of tools that supports customers with monitoring for compliance. Providing peace of mind for critical resources that have temperature, humidity, access control, or other monitoring requirements.

JemRF Monitoring/Elno has gone through years of development and field testing of different hardware configurations to arrive at a stable and reliable product.

Our system continues to be under constant improvement for a more reliable and user friendly experience.

Monitoring is part of the JemRF product suite which includes our Hardware Sales JemRF.com, our user projects site projects.privateeyepi.com and our older monitoring site privateeyepi.com.

Jemrf is a subsitary of Seltron LLC, an Information Technology Company providing tools to support what best meets our customer needs.

Contact Us

Email: sales @ elno.io
Phone: 844-300-6024
Monday-Friday 8am - 8pm CT
Saturday 9am-2pm CT