Frequently Ask Questions

This will be a growing list of common issues with the Gateway and Web Site.

What does the constant LED blinking Red mean?

This means the Gateway has lost connection to the Internet.

Common Problems:

  1. Your Internet Provider is having problems or offline
  2. Your WiFi changed.

If you verify the WiFi is working for other wireless devices, then open your WiFi laptop or tablet and look for a WiFi 'ElnoGW'.

If SSID ElnoGW is there, the Gateway has gone into search mode.

The instructions in the Gateway User Guide, under Options, option 3.

Note: After saving, if it fails to connect, it will return to AP mode and the ElnoGW SSID will reappear.

LED is Green then does a quick Red blink, why?

This indicates the Gateway is working but has not detected a Sensor yet.

Once a Sensor is detected it should start a Green breathing pattern

Is there a discount for Annual Payment?

Yes, the Annual Monitoring discount rate is 16.6%, for a minimal configuration the Annual Rate would be $250 per year.

When does the Annual renewal start?

The annual renewal starts after the first 6 months of free service, we offer prorated annual contracts to get the renewals to occur on initial purchase date.

Can a user be in multiple Organizations?

Yes, a user account can also be associated with multiple Organizations.